Modeling: The Most Fascinating and Demanding Career Option

What comes in your mind, when you think about modelling as a career option? If I am not wrong, the initial things that springs in your brain are fashion, glamour and money. Most of you may want to pursue your career in this field, but, due to lack of proper information, you might drop this dream.

Here is the complete information about this profession.

Is this profession meant only for women?


Once, modelling was considered as the female dominated profession. In the present scenario, this career equally attracts males and females, but, females still find better chances than their male counterparts.

What are the advantages of choosing modelling as a career?

Modelling is the most fascinating, yet demanding profession. This career offers you instant popularity and good income. You also get opportunities to meet people of different classes and travel new places, if you opt modelling as your career. It also provides you a doorway for entry to Bollywood.


Is it a short-lived career?

It’s truth that you cannot remain in this profession for a long time. The competition in this career is very tough. For launching and promoting several brands, there is a constant demand of fresh and young faces. You can spell your magic as long as you are young and good looking.

What physical attributes and skills are required for making career in modelling?

Striking features are the key to enter the glamour world of modelling. You should have good hands, teeth and hair. Besides elegant physical appearance, you should have confidence, reliability, patience, enthusiasm, strength of character, punctuality and resilience. You must also have good communication and interpersonal skills as you have to work with several people from photographers to directors and fashion designers.


For Girls

Height- 5’9” or over

Age- Between 16 to 18 years

Average Waist Measurement- 24”

Average Hip Measurement- 34”


For Boys

Height- 6” or over

Average Chest Measurement- 38-40”

Average Waist Measurement- 30-32”

Age- Between 17 to 25 years

Is any specific educational qualification required to become a model?

No specific course, certification or educational qualification is required for becoming a model. The most important is your physical attributes. There are three ways for entering in this profession.

  1. Get your portfolio prepared by a professional photographer. Show this portfolio to a fashion designer, to a model coordinating agency or to an advertising agency.
  2. Apply for the contests, sponsored by cosmetic companies, magazines, cloth manufacturers, etc.
  3. Participate in beauty pageants.

No specific training is provided in this field. However, some ex-models have established training schools in Mumbai and Delhi.

Which are the popular modelling agencies in India?


There are various modelling agencies in India that can give you a good break to begin the career in modelling. Some of them are:

1.   New India Models.Com, New Delhi


Address- 201, Mayur Plaza, LSC, Opposite ASN School, Mayur Vihar Phase-1, New Delhi

Contact No. – 91-11-2712222

2.   Glitz Modelling and Productions, New Delhi


Address- F-100, Lajpat Nagar II, New Delhi- 110 024

Contact No. – 91-11-6830921, 9810021082

3.  The Bridge, New Delhi

Address- 201, Bhanot Trade Centre, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi

Contact No. – 91-11-56017119

4.  Elite Model Management India, Mumbai

Address- Nariman Bhawan, 9th Floor, Mumbai- 400021

Contact No. – 022-256303666

5.   YSG Worldwide Model and Promotion Agency, Mumbai

Address- Orient House, 4th Floor, Adi Marzban Path, Mumbai- 400 038

Contact No. – 261 6732, 261 5029

6.   Face 1, Mumbai

Address- 797, Jesia Building, Jam-e-Jamshedji Road, Parsi Colony, Dadar, Mumbai- 400 014

Contact No. – 414 9968, 412 6878

7.  Aditi Modelling Service, Bangalore

Address- 324, Upper Palace Orchard, Bangalore- 560 080

Contact No. – 334 2518

8.   Passion, Kolkata

Address- EC-191, Sector 1, Salt Lake, Kolkata

Contact No. – 359 3502, 334 6319

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