10 skills to play a blinder in college placements…

The secret to winning is constant, consistent learning and management. Being placed in companies that boost up your career is nothing less than winning in college; it seems like all the hard work during the years has paid off. All the tension is relieved, but to relieve that tension, the input required is never limited to performing well in academics. The list continues beyond that. Developing your personality can never be summed up in 10 points but focusing on these skills will definitely ensure you play a blinder..

  1. EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION- communication is much more than simple exchange of information. There is no use of the knowledge acquired if you don’t learn how to express it. Mastery in language is definitely not what is required, expressing the content with confidence is the key..
  2. APTITUDE/REASONING- this is an unavoidable part of the recruitment process. Solve some reasoning and quant questions to brush up the skills. The well noted book “R.S. Agarwal” is very helpful. Remember!! Every company desires an employee with impeccable mental ability.
  3. THE FAMOUS QUESTIONS- every interview process consists of some common questions like “tell us about yourself”, “strengths”, “and weaknesses”. Prepare answers to these questions beforehand. Think of answers that will define your true self and are innovative. The recruiters are bound to be impressed with something away from traditional answers.
  4. KEEP YOUR GRADES INFLUENTIAL- well, this is something that cannot be improved overnight, work on your grades from starting and keep them decent. You need not top the class for the best placement but the best grades are obviously an impression.
  5. VOLUNTEER/INTERNSHIPS- every student have had a lot of free time in graduation degrees. Apart from industrial trainings or training related to the course, volunteer in any NGO, get internships for your hobbies or try out something new. All that is required is to prove the time was judiciously used.
  6. PROJECTS/TRAININGS- grab the opportunities of being involved in a project, they will help you learn something new and add to the resume. The certificates can immensely impress the recruiter.
  7. WORK ON THE RESUME- yes!! It is rightly said that you are not your resume…you are your work but the work you have done in those years cannot be seen by the recruiter but the resume can be. Spend time improving it and let it define you in the most appropriate words. Resume is what defines you!! Make sure it is impressive.
  8. FILTER COMPANIES- discover your interests and make a list of profiles you want to work in. search for companies with those profiles and work accordingly. Make sure that the company you apply for is going to make you what you want to be in long run. The money will only fill your bags, not the soul,
  9. STUDY THE COMPANY WELL- before appearing for any company, research the company and profile well. Study the past, present and vision of the company well. This will create an impression and that’s all we need for interviews.

And last but not the least…

  1. CONFIDENCE- confidence is the best accessory, never leave room without it!!!

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