Before entering college and after completion of secondary exams, the phase is popularly known as the “RELAXATION PERIOD”. Yes, we do deserve that, but instead of making ourselves completely lethargic why not use that two to three month period to nurture our insights on the coming field.  At early levels, all academics are mostly common, but choices are allowed at later points in the continuum. Some qualities that can be developed to help ace the college life are:


1. Learn to articulate-  no place or area of interest exists that doesn’t include English. The way you present your thoughts will acts like a cherry on the top if done in proper way. You are what you write and speak. The thoughts in your mind matter very less, unless you can express them in crisp language. English is the global language. Good Presentation, communication and proper English is vital to land in a good place. Speak whenever you get a chance, speak publically. Enroll in a personality development class if necessary. English and communication is a must have for not only performing good in college but in office too.  Master what is required in a professional setting

2. Create an online Presence- Spend your summer creating a significant online presence. The key word here is “significant”. This doesn’t mean you should live on Facebook or Twitter. An online presence that showcases your strengths and abilities will give college a picture of you that they won’t see by looking at transcripts or test scores. Start a blog and post often. Create a detailed LinkedIn profile that highlights your extracurricular activities, your honors and awards, and your work experience. Spending time on social media has to be done eventually…earlier the better

3. Pursue a hobby-  hobby is an activity that makes you feel good. Remember!! Sleeping is not a hobby, for it has to be productive. Pursue whatever you love to do be it fishing, swimming, painting….whatever. it will boost up you resume, confidence and achievements while pursuing are add-ons. Feeling good about it is complimentary.

4 Don’t allow yourself to become too comfortable- Long days with “nothing to do” can be habit forming. While you do owe yourself a vacation, it doesn’t have to span the entire summer! Instead, develop industrious habits that will pave the way for a smooth transition into the college that will be as complex as it is fast-paced.

5 Basics of computer languages- almost all the streams in college include basics of computer languages and even if they don’t, the languages will increase your logical and reasoning ability which is a must to excel.

6. Elementary market analysis- analyze the basic terms and the know-hows of production. How share market works. They will help in understanding the process better.

7. Develop healthy habits- habits take time to develop and healthy ones take a bit longer. Jog in the morning, perform yoga, eat healthy and a lot more can be added. Just remember!! Unhealthy body is a temple to diseases.

8. Read- reading a good book is like taking a journey. The more you read, the more things you’ll know, the more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.

And last, but not the least

9. Do what you love—and love what you do. Invest in the talents and interests that intrigue you and/or give you joy in life. Attend a sports camp, participate in community theater, or take a painting class. Find opportunities to develop your skills and demonstrate an advanced level of commitment to the things that are important to you.

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