When you enter 10th standard, everybody around starts pitching you with questions like what after 10th??

All the discussions, be it with friends, parents, relatives or neighbors are revolving around the available career opportunities. What everyone wants to know is what are you going to pursue after secondary examinations. Well, all the discussions and all the effort in deciding the right path is never futile, it is in fact one of the most important decisions of life. Your coming life depends on the planning and assistance during that period.

The role parents and family play in the decision is very crucial. Considering the scenario in India, most of the students end up building a career in science even if they have interests in a different field because of peer pressure. Every student has a zeal to prove himself, the input goes in the wrong direction and they end up being a mediocre in the field. Many realize their mistake in career selection in between the journey and change the path taken.

BUT, not everyone is brave enough to go for a career change after building half of it. It requires commendable amount of courage, support and dedication to do that. The decision lives with a high percentage of people throughout their lives. Hence, the importance of career planning during secondary education can never be underestimated.





There are numerous interesting and lucrative career options in India apart from the usual ones such as doctors, engineers, or civil services. The interest and aptitude of the student should be the key factors playing a key role in deciding which option to go for. Many a times, the student is unaware of the options available in the field that interests him/her and also confused between the interests. To measure the aptitude and prioritize the interests, we have our career assessment test, which is unique in its own way. Check it out at

The test is having aptitude and situation based questions to measure personality type and interest level of student. The report generated will give you a crystal clear insight on your interests and will make it obvious, which path to take for the rest of your life.

Sometimes, it is the smallest decision that can change your life. This little decision will influence your coming life in unimaginable ways. It’s you, who has to live with the consequences. Just make sure, whatever you do, makes you HAPPY.



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