Inception of an exquisite platform finally happened!!

In this fast paced, technologically oriented world, learning has become an unavoidable necessity. For the person who knows, is the rescue in need, and a platform which provides us with people who knows what we want to know is something we all needed to grow at an exponential rate.

Finally, we introduce the much needed “CAREERKHOJJ”. A 21st century Mobile and Web based learning solution to help millions of students and educators regardless of their location, language and other constrains.

In the words of founders- “we stopped visiting banks to make financial transactions, we stopped visiting stores to purchase phones or other electronic gadgets, groceries. however, when we talk about education, learning, knowledge sharing, Q&A on career, projects or job/internship we still rely much on class teachers, friends, professors, and we only discuss in presence.”

We are bringing that presence to you, in your hands.

The product is innovative, easy to use, real-time problem solving and language friendly. It’s not limited to any course or career stream. It is for everyone who is in education, who wants to explore and understand his and the world’s potential before making a career choice.

There is much more to CAREERKHOJJ than just exploring options, some of the features are: –

  1. Career assessment test- a self-assessment test for 9th to 12th grade students. It comprises of three tests: 1. Aptitude 2. Personality 3. Interest. The test is having situation based questions to measure Aptitude level, Personality Type and Interest level of the student. User can attend the test in English/Gujarati language. User needs to attend all the questions in the test. Once the test is over, user will find a link to download their personalized report. The personalized report is designed to show the interests order wise and prioritize the available options.
  1. Streamkhojj: for all the students who want to create their own career path and know more in detail about different courses available for them after 10th and 12th. User can explore details of all the courses available for them after 10th, 12th Science, commerce and Arts. There is detailed information available for 100s of courses with skills needed, educational scope, employment scope and videos.
  1. Institutekhojj: a module for all the users to discover different schools, colleges and institutes available to join in their city and interested career domain. Institutes can directly register in our platform. There is a web based admin panel for every institute to insert details like institute details, contact details, facilities, courses offered, gallery and videos, student reviews, faculty details, recruiters & updates. There is Call Now button in the app to directly call to the institute admin. Also user can submit inquiry to the institute admin. Once the inquiry is submitted by user, it will send SMS with details of inquiry to the institute admin.

Another problem was regarding questionnaire of undergraduate/postgraduate students. We found that 90% students never ask in class due to fear factor and other reasons.

To solve this problem, we’ve built dynamic discussion module and virtual classroom.

Virtual Classroom: It’s a miracle for all the students and educators. Anyone can create their classroom. User can keep the classroom as Premium/Free. Class admin can add users as premium, and also they can invite people to join their class through SMS.

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