Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is career assessment test?
    • It’s a self-assessment test for 9th to 12th grade students to help them know about their aptitude levels, personality type and interest levels in different career domains. The test is divided in three segments: Aptitude test, Personality test and Interests test. It’s having total 180 MCQ questions. Once a student complete the test, he/she can download personalized report with detailed explanation and graphical representation.

  2. How to purchase the coupon code?
    • You can purchase the code by paying the test fee of Rs. 450 to our representative from your city. If there is no representative in your city then you may directly pay the fee in our company account and email the payment receipt to, you’ll receive coupon code within 48 hours.

    • Bank account details:

      Account no: 1260002100026901
      IFSC code: PUNB0126000

  3. How much time does it takes to complete the test?
    • Ideally it will take 45 to 60 minutes to complete the test. It is advisable to complete the entire test in one go.

  4. Do I need to prepare before appearing for the test?
    • No. There is no need of special preparation. This test doesn’t need any special preparation of theory, formulas etc. Whatever you’ve learned till now in your schooling, is good enough to complete the test successfully. Only need is, you must select the answer you feel is right. Don’t take help of someone/ calculator.

  5. What’s language of the test?
    • You can appear for the test in English/Gujarati language. We’ll introduce the test soon in Hindi as well.

  6. Will it help me in selection of career streams/courses?
    • Yes, of course. Basically you will know about your aptitude levels and interests in different career domains. You may consider top 3 interested domains and checkout courses available in those domains and select a one suiting your other criteria like years of study, fee etc. In case you have preplan of doing any particular study like Medical, Engineering, CA etc. and if it doesn’t match with your interests then you have a chance to work out on other options. Because we believe that career shouldn’t be selected only based on pay scale etc. In order to perform well it must be matching with your interest levels.